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Welcome to Women In Tourism Gold Coast


Our Story

Founded in 1987, Women in Tourism Gold Coast is one of the key networking groups on the Gold Coast for tourism professionals. Our events are educational, inspirational, and most importantly, fun!  We started out as the Gold Coast Women's Australian Travel League for women who worked in the travel industry however, in 2002, reflecting the changing times and to be able to open up membership to a larger audience, Women in Tourism (Gold Coast) Inc was born.

Through our events, we aim to showcase the amazing products and services the Gold Coast has to offer, as well as encourage, motivate, and support women across the sector.

Our committee is formed by passionate volunteers whose aim is to create a welcoming environment for our guests, as well as give back to the Gold Coast community through funds raised with raffle sales.

Whether you work for a multinational hotel group or own a small business, rest assured you will create long lasting relationships through our community.

Our Mission

Women in Tourism mission is to provide the following for its members: 

  • To create more meaningful networking opportunities for women in the tourism industry on the Gold Coast.

  • To provide world-class events that educate and inspire our members.

  • To provide Guest speakers at our events that share the latest news, trends and research that is happening and relevant to our members and industry. 

  • To host events at a variety of Gold Coast venues that showcase what is on offer on the Gold Coast. 

  • To raise the profile of women in the tourism industry on the Gold Coast and see more women on the stage, sharing their stories. 

  • To raise money for meaningful charities

  • To create opportunities for women to connect, help each other and establish lifelong friendships. 

  • To support and mentor young women who want to enter and rise through the ranks of the tourism industry.


President's Message

Women In Tourism Gold Coast – It was founded in 1986, creating a networking group on the Gold Coast for tourism professionals for over 36 years. They were birthing a movement of resilience, dedication and empowerment. The committee members are passionate volunteers who aim to create a welcoming environment for our guests.

In a world that has faced unprecedented challenges in the tourism sector, we find ourselves at the crossroads of opportunity and transformation. The past couple of years have tested our resolve, but they have also revealed the strength that lies within us. We are in the year of reset – when we build a new, breathe life back into our beloved tourism sector, and amplify our focus on Women in Tourism on the Gold Coast.

Our commitment remains steadfast: to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for women in tourism. We understand that this industry can be demanding and competitive, and we have to be that helping hand and shoulder to lean on for all the women who dedicate themselves to making the Gold Coast a destination like no other. We stand together as a sisterhood, lifting each other up and paving the way for success.

Remember the trailblazers who have walked this path before us as we reset. The past Women In Tourism Gold Coast presidents have poured their heart and soul into this organisation. They have carved out a legacy of strength, unity, and progress. Their contributions are the foundation we stand for today, and we honour their dedication as we forge ahead into a bright future.

While the challenges have been immense, we are unyielding and unbroken today. It is a testament to our organisation's spirit and its members' unwavering commitment. But this isn't just about survival; it's about thriving. It's about creating an environment where women not only succeed but flourish.


President – Women in Tourism Gold Coast

Nicole Alder


Our Committee

Meet Our Dynamic 2023-2024 Committee.

We proudly introduce the Women in Tourism Gold Coast (WIT) Committee for the 2023-2024 term. Steering the helm of WIT's mission and vision is a group of dedicated, experienced professionals who are ready to bring innovation and enthusiasm to our community.


Nicole Alder leads as President, with Amber Linsket overseeing finances as Treasurer and Allison Forner meticulously managing our records as Secretary. Georgina Randall curates our engaging events and functions and charities, while our membership committe member Sarah Tait ensures a vibrant and inclusive membership experience. Ensuring our voice is heard and our image shines is Katrina Sanguigno, handling Public Relations, and Kerri Watkins, maintaining our digital presence via our website. Melissa Hamilton is our RSVP Coordinator. Lastly, Georgina is also championing our raffles and charity initiatives, making sure we give back to the community that has given us so much.


Together, our team is set to elevate Women in Tourism Gold Coast to new heights, fostering growth, connection, and empowerment.

We look forward to meeting you at an event soon, and please reach out to our team if you have any questions. 

Nicole Alder

Nicole Alder


Nicole Alder began her tourism journey at a tender age of 20, where she assisted her husband in guiding on North Stradbroke Island with her Uncles business: Coastal Island Safaris in the early 90’s. This is where she discovered her love with people and being bi-lingual to other languages came with ease. During the Japanese Tourism boom on the Gold Coast Nicole furthered herself with a Japanese owned company Aries Tours helping arrange honeymooners Itineraries, Golf Tours and more. Nicole worked closely with Clare Mac Farlane creating the Glow worm tour, from there she moved to Southern World Vacation an inbound Tour Operator mainly working with Japanese market. Nicole also stepped into spaces like Gold Coast Limousines. Nicole is a mother of 3 Sons and has been married for 32 years. Even though we have a busy home life the sense of pioneering and a deep passion for the Southeast Queensland had never left our hearts.
In 2002 Her husband and her founded Australian Sunset Safaris, which started off with tour products like North Stradbroke Island and Gold Coast 4WD Hinterland Tour. With a passion for the Islands the couple pursued opportunities to the holiday destinations which her husband spent most of his childhood holidays. We started with Fraser Island (now K’Gari), doing 2- and 3-Day tours, then added the Southern Barrier Reef Tour and then Moreton Island, by 2015 Australian Sunset Safaris was the largest multi-day tour operator from Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast, creating 10 different tour products and having a 4WD Bus fleet of 18. During these times Nicole became very versed with Marketing and Sales helping build the family business. This was also a time where Nicole started volunteering with Women In Tourism Gold Coast. Through the years Nicole volunteered as a Secretary and as a Membership Secretary for Women In Tourism Gold Coast. In 2015 an opportunity arose to start operating on Moreton Island. In December whilst away on an anniversary getaway Nicole discovered the Transparent Kayak, combining their pioneering skills we brought the Transparent Kayak into Australia for our Moreton Island tours, her husband Greg further worked with contacts in the USA to launch our unique Transparent Night Kayak. We officially launched this at ATE tradeshow to the international market and have not looked back, it is still considered a ‘Hero Experience “ in the Tourism sector. This was also the time that we launched our educational arm : Trailblazer Tours, a School Camp Eco Tourism Operator.
2020 we rose and opened our doors as a business by March 2020. We also diversified with creating 2 other businesses : Exhaust Clean Australia and 4 x4 Bus and Truck Sales. All businesses are thriving. Nicole has had the opportunity to teach Tourism Sessions to international delegate at Griffith University several times and other workshops that involve Eco-Tourism. Nicole has over the years mentored many guides and admin staff into the tourism sector, even to this day she assists students doing their Cert 4 in tourism or University degrees.

Georgina Randall

Georgina Randall


Georgina is a specialist in providing charitable guidance to businesses of all sizes. Allium Consulting enables businesses and corporations from all industry types to connect with their community in a more tailored and meaningful way. We help businesses utilise their own products and services to benefit the community and the not-for-profit sector. Our job is to create and implement unique strategic plans to enable you to engage the public, create positive media coverage, help achieve ROI on your charitable investment and help local & national charities to thrive.

Kerri Watkins

Kerri Watkins


Kerri's expertise is founded on her corporate background, transitioning into the thriving entrepreneur she represents now. Leading the way for Moreton Island Weddings, she seamlessly merges her duties as a marriage celebrant with the allure of intimate elopements. Her capabilities don't stop there, she stands out as a guiding star for professionals under pressure, providing custom online assistance, content development, and vital business aid with her Virtual Solutions business.

Amber Linsket

Amber Linsket


Amber works at Rydges Hotels and Resorts, you can always expect to be met with a genuine welcome, thoughtful touches, and service that goes the extra mile. Across Australia & New Zealand, we're here to offer reliable value and the refreshing local experience that has kept our guests returning from near and far.

Sarah Tait

Sarah Tait


Sarah joins us with 20+ years’ experience in communications and marketing, Sarah Tait has supported a range of industries throughout her career. Moving to the Gold Coast from Detroit, Michigan USA in 2005, she worked as a Business Development and Marketing Manager for Backdrops Fantastic and Realm Productions (now Events Fantastic) promoting the strength of the events and tourism industries on the Gold Coast nationally. She opened her own boutique marcoms agency, Big Brown Chair Media and supported accommodation and event businesses based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. Sarah is currently the Corporate Communication Manager responsible for PR (consumer/trade), Trade Marketing and Industry Event Management for TerryWhite Chemmart. Her experience with Women in Tourism Gold Coast began managing Membership then as Vice President to Bree Nicholls and finally served 2 years as President. In her current role with TerryWhite Chemmart, promotion of preventative care and the changing role of pharmacy aligns to professionals within the Tourism industry but also serves as a growing supplier to our local tourism industry as well as an evolving partner in caring for visitors to our region as Pharmacist’s scope of practice continues to expand providing increasing travel vaccination, health services and emergency care including wound management.

Melissa Hamilton

Melissa Hamilton


Melissa is a dedicated event and project management professional with over a decade of experience orchestrating events across diverse industries. She holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Economic Policy and spent the beginning of her career working in Washington D.C. at a foreign policy think tank. After 6 years in D.C. she left to travel Europe and Australia, where she fell in love with the Aussie lifestyle and in particular the Gold Coast. For the past 4 years Melissa has been the Event Manager for the most elevated event venue on the Gold Coast (SkyPoint) and enjoys balancing work with lots of beach volleyball.

Allison  Forner

Allison Forner


Allison is a familiar face in the industry having served as media coordinator for Destination Gold Coast before kicking off her own business AF Marketing Communications which has represented organisations like JPT Tour Group/Australian Day Tours, Jetski Safaris, Spacewalker, Bond University, Karen Phillips Corporate Communications, Hello Marketing and more. Her passion is music and she teaches primary school children between marketing commitments.

Katrina Sanguigno

Katrina Sanguigno

Public Relations

Katrina is a communications professional with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of PR, marketing, and events. Before 2000, Katrina served in marketing roles at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Hard Rock Café before starting her own business, Jumpstart Marketing Solutions, now Jumpstart PR. Katrina has provided services to the tourism, sport, retail, and beauty industries and several charitable organisations. Katrina loves to travel, and her favourite country to visit is Italy.

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